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Take control of your emotional wellbeing. We believe you are capable of managing your mental health with the right guidance and tools. That’s why we made Feelmo!
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We need to understand our feelings

Improving our ability to understand and manage our feelings and developing higher emotional intelligence has many incredible benefits:
Improve physical & mental health
Higher confidence & self-esteem
Stronger relationships
Better communication skills
Improved work performance

Build emotional resilience today

The Feelmo process was designed with the input of leading CBT, DBT and ACT therapists to improve your emotional management skills

Identify the precise words to describe your feelings

Professors from UCLA have shown that naming a feeling can lower its intensity. We've designed an intuitive emotions explorer that makes finding the precise words to describe your feelings simple.
"I’ve been using Feelmo as part of my nightly routine since May. It has helped greatly when access to a therapist is limited. I highly recommend Feelmo to help gain better access to naming your emotions and improving overall health!"
New Hampshire, USA

Discover the meanings behind your feelings

Feelmo's clinically informed reflect activities help you explore your feelings and uncover the messages they're trying to tell you.
"Feelmo's Reflect questions and activities help me better understand my feelings and encourage me to think about my day. It's a wonderful tool that I recommend to anyone looking to better manage their feelings"
Detroit, USA

Learn how to manage your feelings

Feelmo's wide variety of coping tools and suggestions adapt to your needs and provide temporary relief or long term solutions, whatever the situation requires.
"I’ve found I’m much better at managing my feelings after I've gone through a Feelmo session. I really like Feelmo's recommendations and find them super beneficial and insightful!"
Wiltshire, England

Feelmo can help

Improve self-awareness
Become more aware of yourself and your emotions, learn to recognize and evaluate the messages your feelings are trying to tell you and be confident in your ability to know what you need in that moment.
Develop emotional management
Gain control over your feelings by developing coping strategies that work for you. Understand how to avoid triggers, accept unpleasant feelings and apply emotional management techniques to improve your resilience against difficult situations.
Feel better
With greater emotional understanding and management skills comes a better quality of life and sense of wellbeing. Feelmo teaches you what you need to feel better and supports you along the way.
"I love this app! I wasn't sure at first what to expect but it’s really great! I have a hard time expressing my feelings in an understandable way but since getting Feelmo it’s been easier to get to the root of the upset. I truly recommend it!"
California, USA
"I work in healthcare and there are a lot of emotions for individuals in our industry right now, especially for people like me working with Covid-19 patients. Feelmo has been an important app for me during this time as it has helped me work through everything going on for me. It’s helped me understand myself better and grow as a person. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!"
Wisconsin, USA
"Feelmo is very intuitive and not too intrusive. It's quick, easy, and if used right, gives good insights that can calm your mind. Bravo"
Vero Beach, Florida
"Downloading Feelmo was the best decision I made during the pandemic.  It provides support in mindfulness, emotional awareness, and tools to communicate how we're feeling in a healthy way. I would recommend this app to anyone who feels overwhelmed by their current emotions or even those who feel emotionally competent."
Georgia, USA
"I often help clients identify, label, and express feelings. I usually refer them to a feelings chart, but my experience with Feelmo is incredible; simple, focused, efficient, and easy to use. Thank you"
Florida, USA
"This app has changed my life in a week. I kid you not. I have such a hard time pinpointing my emotions and now it’s like I have a complete list to work off of. My partner is noticing changes already. Thank you so much for this."
Washington, USA
"I love that Feelmo makes it so easy to communicate how I'm feeling and get to the root of the problem!"
Kansas City, USA
"I’m finally understanding a little more about how I feel. Oftentimes I just feel bad but not really sure why or what my emotions are. Feelmo helps me figure out what is actually bothering me."
California, USA
"Feelmo is completely different to other mental health app that I've tried. Using Feelmo helps me get emotional clarity. I can stay objective when analyzing my situation so I can better understand what I'm feeling, why and how I should react appropriately."
Mississippi, USA
"As someone on a recovery journey this app has been so eye opening and helpful! It’s helping me learn how to identify emotions so I can learn what I’m feeling and how to manage it. Genius."
New York, USA

Feel better, starting today

Download Feelmo and take control of your emotional wellbeing.
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