Coming to terms with loss

September 27, 2021
Marion Donohoe

In October 2018 my mother died from complications following a fairly routine surgery. It took me a longtime to accept the fact that she'd gone, as I felt cheated out of the remaining years she should have had.

About a month after I lost her I found it hard to cope with feelings of guilt. I had always called her 2 to 3 times a week and now all that was gone. I felt guilty for not ringing her, even though I knew that wasn't possible.

So instead I thought to write down my feelings in the form of letters and diary entries, as though I was speaking directly to mum. This brought me some comfort because I felt I was keeping my mum in the loop of our ongoing lives. I could tell her everything I felt and getting it down on paper released those thoughts and feelings from my mind. It also gave me something to look back on and read.

At first I wrote quite regularly but as time progressed I found life returning to some sort of normality and the gaps between my letters grew. This also gave me a sense of guilt when I noticed it had been three months since I'd written, but it also showed me that I was beginning to live a more full life. Sometimes I go back and read all those entries from the beginning and it shows me how far I've come.

I still have days where I still cry myself to sleep at night. I find that anniversaries, birthdays and Christmases all bring back those treasured memories of the person I've lost. I do find it helpful to talk about mum, but there is always a sense that I'm boring people. Friends who have also lost parents understand and talking to them helps me a lot. I'm so grateful to have these friends in my life.

I don't think you ever really get over losing someone, you just learn to live with the sorrow and sometimes the days feel brighter.

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Marion Donohoe

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