Distractions for when you need to calm down

September 27, 2021

Anyone can find themselves overwhelmed by emotions and in need of a time out. Distracting yourself from an emotional situation and shifting your attention towards something else can help to reduce your emotional response and allow you to deal with the problem when you are calm and ready.

Distractions are effective tools for short term emotional relief, however it can also be considered counterproductive. Whilst distractions reduce the intensity of negative emotions there is no real progress being made towards managing your emotions and no long term relief. Sometimes, with certain situations, you aren't able to distract yourself, so it's not always the best strategy to rely on.

Having said that, if you're in need of temporary relief and a way to escape the situation you're in, such as feeling anxious in a doctors waiting room, or worried about getting exam results back, then there's no harm in using this strategy.

I've put together a long list of links to games, videos and online activities that I find helpful when I need a way to temporarily escape my situation and feel good for a while. Hopefully there's something for everyone! Some of the links will only work on laptops, but the majority have mobile versions.

Here are my favorite distractions;

Youtube videos



Use these distractions wisely! Whilst it is beneficial to be distracted from time to time, some situations you will have to face.

Post by a member of the Feelmo team.

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