Maintaining relationships when struggling with your mental health

September 27, 2021
Katie Oliver

Sometimes, when we’re struggling with our mental health, it’s easy to shut out the world; to log out of every social media site, stop texting our friends, close our eyes to all of our problems, and enter a hardcore Netflix binge-session, all day, every day with a duvet and pillows as our only company. With lockdowns still sucking the enjoyment out of our lives, it’s easier now more than ever to feel our mental health and relationships suffering.

Whilst we all need to have quality ‘me time’ to practise self-care and do what’s best for our mind, we have to be careful that in doing so we don’t push our loved ones too far away. On the other hand, it’s also important to remember that you don’t need to do something that you feel really uncomfortable with, and sometimes, socialising can feel extremely daunting and intimidating (even if it is virtually!).

However, in times when you’re struggling with your mental health, it’s common to not want to see or talk to your friends as much; but maintaining your relationships with others is key to keeping us going – especially at the moment!

I’ve got some tips on how to maintain your relationships, even when you’re struggling with your mental wellbeing:

There is no doubt that having positive relationships with others is vital in maintaining a happy life and increasing confidence levels, but healthy relationships can also help to create a healthy mind.

*Writer's note: Starting from the 1st March, I will be taking part in Mind Charity's 27 27 campaign. 27% of students in the last year have reported a mental health problem while studying at university. Mind Charity is fundraising to help provide better mental health services in universities for students, by holding a 27 miles in 27 days challenge - and I'm taking part!

If you'd like to sponsor me in this challenge, click here and it'll take you to my fundraising page. Any donations are more than appreciated and go towards an amazing charity.

Katie Oliver
Hi, I'm Katie! I'm an English Language and Forensic Psychology graduate, book-lover and avid writer. I'll be using my personal experiences to try and help you understand your feelings and share my tips on how to improve your overall mental wellbeing.

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