Mindfulness for Beginners

September 27, 2021
Aditi Vijay Chandanani

This is a guest post by Aditi Vijay Chandanani, an NLP Master Practitioner, Mindfulness and life Coach, who you can find on Instagram!

Mindfulness for beginners

When we talk about mindfulness, we instantly think about meditation, how difficult meditation is and whether or not we believe in it. These thoughts typically drive us away from being mindful human beings. So, while I’m not saying that meditation isn’t important, there are other habits you can form to start our mindfulness journey.

Here are 3 techniques you can consider to include more mindfulness in your day to day life;

1. Purpose:

Everyone has a purpose in life that keeps changing and developing with time. Just like a software update, you also update your purpose as the world keeps on growing around you. Your purpose may also vary for each area of our life, such as; your work, family and personal life. Acknowledging this and dividing them into different parts will help increase your awareness of your own personality and motivations in life, which is one form of being mindful.

2. Goals:

However difficult goals are to set, having a long term goal along with a few short term goals will enable you to have a clear direction towards your work and personal life. Having said that, there are some limiting beliefs attached to setting goals, which are:

It's time to break these beliefs & use goals as a direction for your work & personal life; a direction that is flexible enough to change and can keep you on track.

3. Routine:

After analyzing your purpose and setting your goals, the next step would be to form a routine. Developing a routine will allow you to form a sense of familiarity in your life and can increase your awareness about what works for you and what doesn’t. Setting that routine and adapting it to every purpose and goal will teach you how to know yourself better. This sense of self awareness is the best form of Mindfulness one can achieve.

Being mindful in every aspect of life will take time, so while it’s highly recommended to achieve the contentment we crave these days, it’s OK to begin with more comfortable and manageable steps.

Thank you again to Aditi VC for contributing this wonderful post on Mindfulness! You can find her on Instagram: @decodingquirks_Lifecoach and take a one on one session virtually and personally.

Aditi Vijay Chandanani
Travel & Tourism Entrepreneur turned into a NLP Master Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, Life Coach. Specializing in accepting change & encouraging personal growth along with dealing with depression & anxiety.

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